Tiaan de Klerk

Defence Training Centre Lyneham

I came to the UK from South Africa in January 1999; my plans were to travel and explore Europe for a year and then return back to my country of birth.

Within a number of weeks of arriving in London I felt surrounded by what I recognised as a nation and people desperately in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pleasures, wealth and consumerism clearly blinded the majority of people I encountered from recognising the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sharing the gospel with people in England was difficult and the responsibility of the task in hand weighed heavily on me. After some prayer and discussion with brothers in the Lord, I decided to join the British Army with the hope that I could witness and reach young men for our Lord Jesus Christ.

I spent 7 and half years as a regular soldier, sharing the gospel with other soldiers, after which I left to enter full time ministry. A year and 8 months later I was offered a position with SASRA as a Scripture Reader.  Now here I am, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the lost, nurturing the young in the faith, equipping and encouraging brothers and sisters in the Lord since February 2009. All accomplished by the grace and mercy of our Lord and Saviour.