Meg Atkinson MBE

RAF Brize Norton

Service life began for me in December 1966, when I completed my recruit training at RAF Spitalgate in Lincolnshire.

After a further ten weeks at RAF St Athen I qualified in “Safety Equipment” which encompassed all things pertaining to parachutes, man-carrying and the ejection seats on the aircraft.

From there I moved onto RAF Hullavington in Wiltshire and put my new skills into practice. Whilst I was there, I completed a parachute course and jumped out of the “Balloon” – a metal cage suspended at 800ft. On from Hullavington, I was posted to RAF Bruggen in Germany, where I met a Scripture Reader and so began my contact with Christians and spiritual matters.

A few weeks later on February 13th 1969, I knelt with the Scripture Reader John Swan, and surrendered to the Saviour.

I became a Scripture Reader myself in 1974. I have been privileged to experience some wonderful memorable moments, but none compare to the memorable moments of leading Service lads and lasses to the Saviour.

Those moments will last into eternity.

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