Mike Wajdner


I was born and raised in Stoke on Trent, in the Potteries, and joined The Army Catering Corps in January 1972 at the age of 17. 

My father (‘displaced’ at the age of 12 due to the Nazi invasion of Poland, ending up in the UK) had married a local girl and I was born into a home where there was no time for religion.

It was while completing my basic training – at home during leave not in the barracks – that I came under a conviction of sin, and seeking the Lord’s forgiveness, accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Saviour. On returning to Aldershot I was introduced to ASRs Frank & Vera Crofts, Missioners to Miss Daniel’s Soldiers Home (MDSH).  They became my spiritual parents encouraging a love for the Lord, a study of the word and the pursuit of fellowship. I became a member of SASRA on 18th December 1972, attending my first ‘Our Day’ in London that year.

At MDSH I met and courted Yvette, daughter of ASR Joe & Giselle (Jackie) Smalley. We married at Colchester where SASRA had posted them in the meantime.  Together these 40 years, we have a daughter Giselle and a son Ben who is married to Hannah.

For the majority of my 22 years’ service I served alongside many ASRs, all who left their mark with their love for the Lord and his service and who continue to inspire me in my walk before the King of Kings. Many names connected with SASRA past and present were my serving companions in "The Way", and I treasure the memories of our fellowship together.

My service was complete in September 1994, and having ended my career as a WO2 training the TA from the north east at Whitburn, Sunderland, we settled in York.  For the next 15 years I worked with City of York council at a children’s residential home which offered short-break care for children with disabilities. In 2009, in the providence of the Lord, an opportunity came to serve SASRA supporters in the north-east in a part-time capacity. 

With the taking on of a full-time role in 2011 to cover the newly designated North Area I am delighted now to work alongside the new generation of Readers at SASRA, making known the saving power of Christ.  I am excited at the chance to meet up with so many of the Lord’s people  engaged in the spiritual warfare as prayer warriors, and I look forward to bringing updates and encouragements  to where you are.

Please feel free to contact me; I depend on you to know how things are in your local area.

Service Record

Aldershot,      72-76              216 Para Sigs Sqn.

Camberley,    76-79              RMA Sandhurst

Hong Kong,   80-81              BMH Hong Kong

Warminster,   82                    School of Infantry

Aldershot,      83-84              HQ Catering Group,

BAOR,            84-86              1RRW,

BAOR,            86-88              4 Field Amb,

Woolwich,     88-91              RA Trg Bn,   

York,              91-92              HQ York Garrison,

Belize,            92-93              HQ Belize,

York,              93-94              TA Trg WO,