Prayer News - ASR Ray Hendricks

An update on the health of ASR Ray Hendricks

UPDATE 9 JUNE 2016: Donna Hendricks has asked that we send this message to all those who have been upholding the Hendricks family in prayer:

"Dear friends

Thank you for your warm wishes and constant prayer for us over the last few weeks. The Lord is true to His word, and we give thanks that Ray is doing very well post-op and the vision in his right eye is much improved. We saw the neurosurgeon today and ask that you continue to pray. The tumour was particularly aggressive and so there will be further treatment including a radiotherapy and chemotherapy over the coming months. We plan to go away for a short break before treatment begins. Please continue to pray for Ray’s complete healing and restoration and God’s grace and peace for family and friends.


Love and Peace in Him




UPDATE 3 JUNE 2016: Ray is set to be discharged from hospital today with the instructions to go home, rest and heal. He will have a meeting with the doctors next Thursday to check on his progress. Thank you for all your prayers thus far, and please continue to remember the Hendricks family in your prayers.


UPDATE 2 JUNE 2016: We have had word that the MRI scan has shown that there is no further sign of the tumour. Please join with us in thanking God for the medical team involved in Ray's operation and care, and please do continue to pray for his recovery.


Many SASRA supporters have requested updates on the health of ASR Ray Hendricks, based in Germany.

A tumour was recently discovered behind Ray's eye, requiring immediate attention. Ray went into surgery yesterday and after a longer surgery than expected, preliminary reports indicate that the surgery was a success. The surgical team are pleased with Ray's post-operative recovery and he has been returned to the neurological ward. He was due to have a further MRI scan this afternoon, which the surgeons hoped would demonstrate the outcome of the surgery. Ray has regained the vision in the affected eye and is in good spirits.

Please join us in continuing to pray for Ray and his family. We would ask that if you are interested in Ray's recovery to please keep an eye on the SASRA website, rather than contacting Ray or family directly. We will endeavour to keep this article up to date as the situation changes.

Thank you once again for all of those concerned and the family are incredibly grateful for all the prayer support offered by everyone.