New SASRA Iiterature coming soon!

SASRA at the Somme: the War Diaries of ASR Ransley is coming out soon! The journal of ASR William "Old Bill" Ransley is full of his encounters at the Wimereux field hospital during the Battle of the Somme. SASRA and Day One publications will be publishing his story. See below for a taster. Watch this space for more information!

‘I had lunched and said goodbye to my wife and three girls and started off to the Railway Station. The platform was crowded with Officers and soldiers going to the Front. Here I met one of my brother Readers, Mr Gordon Howard, late Rifle Brigade, with whom I was to travel. Punctually at 1 p.m. the train started and passed through Kent. Only when Folkestone was reached was the silence of this company broken. The soldiers went straight on-board the Channel Passenger Steamers awaiting them. We were all soon on-board. We moved at 3.05 p.m. I took one look over the ship’s side towards the receding shore of dear old England. We had left behind us our common everyday life of peaceful times and begun to realize that we had entered upon our share in the stern business of War. We reached Boulogne at 4.30 p.m. Reader Worbey introduced Mr Howard and myself to the Bishop. He allotted us our respective sphere of work, mine being Wimereux, a sea-side resort situated about three miles north of Boulogne. My work was to be entirely in the hospitals.’


Image from original diary ©SASRA