Meg Atkinson looks to add another Nijmegen to her impressive list

As the 100th Nijmegen marches happen this year, the evergreen ASR Meg Atkinson looks to complete her 37th march this year

The Nijmegen March - a test of fitness and endurance spanning over 4 days, covering 30, 40 or 50km per day is celebrating its 100th March this year. For members of the military, participants are expected to complete this with a minimum of a 10kg backpack on top of the march.

ASR Meg Atkinson is no stranger to this and has already completed 36 of these in the past. This year she is looking to add her 37th completion medal her tally. As she helps with the administration of the official trials, Meg will be trialling for this year's march this month. Please remember her in your prayers as she "walks where they [the men and women she meets on her marches] walk".

Meg has asked for prayer specifically that age will not weary her and that she will have open doors both in the trials and in the march itself (happening in July) to share Jesus.


Look out for her report in this autumn's READY magazine!


(Photo is of ASR Atkinson after her 25th march)