Who We Are - Learn More About SASRA And What We Do

The Association is governed by a Council of Trustees, which includes serving and retired officers of the two services. Under God they give direction to the ministry of the Association.

Day-to-day management is provided by a Headquarters Team based in Aldershot:

The Executive Director is the Council's CEO, Company Secretary and Treasurer.  Responsible to him are:

The Operations Director – responsible for day-to-day running of the organisation.

Finance Director – responsible for all financial matters.

Pastoral Director - responsible for pastoral support to our staff.

Prayer Co-ordinator – responsible for the compilation, production and distribution of the monthly Prayer Bulletin, as well as many of our other printed materials.

Support Officer - responsible for organisational administration, events, projects and online presence.

Development Officer - responsible for the organisation of our major projects and events.

Donor Relations - responsible for maintaining and improving our donor relationships.

Finance Officer - provides administrative support to the Finance Director.

Scripture Readers have served in the Armed Forces. They are all committed Christians who care deeply for the spiritual and pastoral wellbeing of our service personnel and their families. They have undergone a significant period of training and assessment before being deployed to their duty stations.