Who We Are - Learn More About SASRA And What We Do

The Association works by Grace, the Grace of God and the Grace of the Army and RAF Authorities who give permission for Scripture Readers to visit MoD Establishments.

The Association is governed by a Council of serving and retired officers of the two services and Representatives of the Chaplain General and the Chaplain in Chief RAF. Under God they give direction to the ministry of the Association.

Day to day management is provided by a small Headquarters Team:

The Executive Director is the Councils CEO, Company Secretary and Treasurer.  Responsible to him are:

The Operations Director – responsible for day-to-day running of the organisation.

Members Secretary – supports serving members and encourages Bible study, fellowship and personal witnessing. 

Finance Manager – responsible for all financial matters.

Prayer Co-ordinator – responsible for the compilation, production and distribution of the monthly Prayer Bulletin, as well as many of our other printed materials.

Support Officer - responsible for organisational administration, events, projects and online presence.

Donor Relations - responsible for maintaining and improving our donor relationships.

Six Area Representatives are responsible for informing Churches, Fellowships and individuals of the work we do. This is generally achieved by arranging visits, organising gatherings of supporters and correspondence.

All Scripture Readers have served in one or other of the Armed Services. They are all committed Christians and gifted evangelists. They have undergone a period of training and assessment before being deployed with the agreement of the Ministry of Defence.

The Scripture Readers' main purpose is to declare the Gospel of Salvation through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to all service personnel who will listen. The methods used vary with the character of the Scripture Reader but much of the work is achieved by personal contact. Much of a Scripture Reader's time is also spent visiting personnel in offices, guardrooms, places of entertainment and other public spaces.