Our Favourite Links - Christian Websites & Support For Armed Forces

All believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ are encouraged to fellowship together, support one another and to be fellow labourers in the Gospel.  Below are links to other Christian websites.

Useful Bible Studies

Step by step help
Basic Gospel Message

Uncover Luke
A Bible study by UCCF 


Military Links
MCF of Australia
Australian Military Christian Fellowship
MCF of Canada
Canadian Military Christian Fellowship
Christian Military Fellowship
US ORs Christian Fellowship
Armed Forces Christian Union
UK All Ranks Christian Fellowship

Everyman's Welfare Service
All Ranks Christian Support in Australia

Officers Christian Fellowship
US Officers Christian Fellowship
Royal Sailors Rests
Ministry to Royal Navy Personnel
Home from home Ministry to Army and RAF Personnel
Royal Army Chaplains Department
RAF Chaplains Branch
RAF Chaplains
Naval Military and Air Forces Bible Society
The Armed Forces Bible Society - The Oldest in the World


Bible Help Links

Military ODB 
Our Daily Bread for the Armed Forces

Emmaus Bible School 
Provider of Bible Study Courses

Scripture Union
Major resource provider
Bible Society
Bible Publisher
Christian Internet
American Group with links on many topics
A guide to developing a Christian life
Christian Resources Exhibition
CRE Website
Bible Gateway
Find passages and topics in the Bible
Internet Greetings Cards
Send cards over the internet


Christian Conferences

Keswick Convention
Good Bible teaching and a good week's holiday