Learn About Our History - Find Out About How SASRA Began

Our Work commenced informally in 1818 amongst troops in the Woolwich Garrison. It expanded to such an extent that in 1838 concerned Christian Officers formed the Soldiers' Friends Society and The Army Scripture Readers; the then Chaplain General placed it on a more formal footing by issuing a Charter in 1854. Nowadays we have a Charter covering our work with the Army and a Charter governing our work with the Royal Air Force.

In 1887 The Soldiers’ Christian Association was formed, becoming The Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Christian Association when the Royal Air force was formed.

In 1938 the Army Scripture Readers and SACA amalgamated and in 1950 the name, The Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Scripture Readers Association was adopted. Usually known by the acronym, SASRA.