How We Evangelise - How SASRA Shares the Word of God

The ministry of the Scripture Readers is conducted normally on a one to one basis. They meet with individuals and befriend them, seeking to earn the right to tell them about all the Lord Jesus Christ has done for them. How they achieve this depends on the nature of the units they visit and their own personality.

Visiting of Service personnel in barracks or any other area of a base can only be done with the permission of the Base Commander and the agreement of the Senior Chaplain.

Where possible, Scripture Readers support Chaplains in their ministries, encouraging Christians to support the garrison or station churches.

Scripture Readers also encourage serving Christians to tell others of their faith and explain the way of salvation to their friends and colleagues and assist them with Bible studies, better to equip them for the task.

Some comments from Chaplains about our Scripture readers............

"..........keeps in constant contact with the Chaplaincy Team and visits us regularly. We also see and hear the positive signs of their visits around the base. Wherever they go they are spoken of with fondness"

".......continues to provide a very effective Christian witness across their area of responsibility. I am grateful for their fellowship and companionship in Christ"

"Talking with soldiers they confirm the Scripture Reader's interest in them and commitment to helping them in their faith and Christian practice"

" very well with the team. Their energy and enthusiasm for the work of the Gospel is infectious! Highly-regarded and spoken of fondly by our personnel - a valued and valuable part of the Mission of Christ"

"......maintains regular contact and holds my every confidence in their ministry"

"A good co-worker whose ministry is appreciated"