Prayer Scripts
from SASRA

Prayer Disc Script
January 2012

ASR Meg Atkinson MBE

Swindon Area

This is Scripture Reader Meg Atkinson recording the SASRA Prayer Tape for January 2012.


Standing on the threshold of a new year my sharing will be mainly retrospective.


On January 1st I spent time with the guard force at Buckley barracks.  Sharing soft drinks and sweets, good conversation soon followed.  Kas showed particular interest in the various tracts and booklets I was leaving to be read at the boys’ leisure.  From that initial contact, I enjoyed sharing the Gospel with Kas when visiting his place of work.  The troops know I spend my lunch hour in the multi faith prayer room should anyone like a chat or a prayer.  On March 8th Kas came along and I had the joy of leading him to the Saviour.  He has recently left the Army and is now training as a nurse.  On that same day I was made an honorary member of the Corporals’ Mess in appreciation of the parcels I send out to the troops who are away on the battlefront.


Again at Buckley barracks visiting station stores I saw a young soldier reading a newspaper.  I told him the only thing believable was the football scores, especially Liverpool's 1-0 victory over Chelsea.  That got the whole office buzzing about football but we progressed from football to faith.  Bright particularly enjoyed my visit and was happy to accept a couple of tracts.  He always connected with me on my subsequent visits to his section.  On my return from the Nijmegen march in July, Bright came along to the prayer room during his lunch hour and I had the joy of leading him to the Saviour.  He now attends a local church with his girlfriend.


On May the 31st I was given the great honour of presenting the unit ensign to Princess Royal at (RAF) Lyneham’s closing ceremony, but please continue to pray for the rear party left to see the total closure of the unit in December of this year, I shall be visiting the staff until the very end.


I have been visiting RAF Brize Norton for a few months now.  The unit will have some 8,000 personnel when the closure of Lyneham is complete.  There is still much building work going on for work and living purpose.  Parking is at a premium so I cycle around the base.  There is never a problem propping my bicycle against a wall.  As well as seeing my Lyneham troops I am making good contact with the residents of Brize Norton.  Chris and Ben have already engaged me in good spiritual conversation.

Sunday June 5th was a lovely day as I went to the Royal School of Music in London to hear three American Christian Choirs perform for charity.  My connection to one of the choirs goes back to 1977 when at RAF Lyneham I knelt with Bev, a young airwoman, and led her to the Saviour.  Derek, her husband, is the musical director of one of the choirs so it was a real joy to see them both after years of phone calls and correspondence.


My 32nd Nijmegen march proved profitable as always.  On our journey out Aisha said she was a Christian but she never ever took her Bible away with her.  I asked if she was planning on visiting the mess tent for meals during the marching, she saw the importance of what I was trying to convey about the need of fuel for the soul as well as the body.  It was lovely that Aisha came along to my room to share some readings and prayers over the week.  Calling into the last rest area on the final day of marching I got into conversation with a young Army girl on duty, I was able to encourage her in her faith and left her some booklets that I was carrying with me.


On the first Thursday of each month at Lyneham we have a Recovery Day.  It is for the lads and lasses who have returned from operations to help them to begin to re-adjust to life back home, my summer programme is a lovely walk up Milk Hill but now I am taking them 10 Pin Bowling.  It’s lovely to be trusted to do something out of my comfort zone and out of the camp.


Please pray for Jo, she shares with me on every visit to her place of work.  Life isn't as it should be.  I bought her the Highway Code of Marriage which she really appreciated.  Her spiritual life is also foggy so pray she will get clarity and conviction as she reads "Journey Into Life”.


The Silver Stars Parachute Display Team are stationed at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks where I visit.  During one of my visits the lads showed me their new jumpsuits recently purchased and asked if could I help them by sowing badges on, not one, but 6 per suit, then there is the odd torn pocket or the ripped display flag.  In their appreciation I enjoyed a free tandem parachute jump from 12,000 feet just 2 days before my 62nd birthday.  I wonder if Dorcas in the New Testament enjoyed such an exciting reward for her needlework?


Just looking forward into this New Year for a moment. 


Due to units closing and detachments the ladies football is struggling, however on February 1st we will be going up to Derby for our annual 5 a side indoor competition.  I will now be part of the Brize Norton team.


I shall be at RAF Cosford in March for my Nijmegen trials, then back again in April to be part of the working party for the official trails.  It is busy long hours of work but it is always enjoyable and it is my first good contact with the marchers before Nijmegen itself.


These are just a few dates should the Lord tarry.  I don't know what 2012 holds in its entirety but I know who holds it and, along with your wonderful support as I seek to share the Good News, the Lord will bless it and will accomplish that which He pleases.  In closing, my deep appreciation for your wonderful support and great encouragement.


I send much love to you all