Prayer Scripts
from SASRA

Prayer Disc Script
September 2011

 ASR Roddy Macleod



Hello again and thank you for taking the time to listen to my prayer tape for September 2011.

My name is Roddy Macleod and I have the privilege of being the Scripture Reader for ATC Pirbright, Keogh Barracks but also, when able, visit Wellington Barracks in London and One Royal Anglian.

I would start off by asking you to pray for more Scripture Readers to come into the work.  We are few and the fields really and truly are white for harvest.  Even here at Pirbright, there are far more soldiers than I am able to speak to.  Amazingly I find the many I do talk to are keen to hear about the things of God because they have never really heard before. 

I have a group of soldiers about twenty five to thirty that come to church for an hour and a half every Friday.  They are all injured with usually minor injuries and in Gold platoon until they are fit to return to training.  For the past while we have been having really encouraging discussion, led by the recruitís questions and I am deeply encouraged with their response to the answers I try to give from the Word of God.    By far the most common idea about Salvation is "if we are reasonably good then we will go to heaven.Ē  I love to share the true Gospel that tells us that Jesus was the only good man ever and we need Him!  I explain as simply as possible, "we are ALL sinners and cannot get to heaven unless we are perfect.  Jesus came into the world to rescue us from our fatal position of being anything but perfect.  He led a perfect life and was crucified instead of me, so my place in heaven depends not on my goodness but on His goodness and what I do with the offer of life Jesus makes to whomsoever will have it.  If we donít have this Saviour who pays for sin on the Cross then we must pay for all our own sins.  I carry this message to many soldiers expanding on it when and where possible.  The vast majority of soldiers I meet with have never heard this message before so I consider myself to be the first link in the chain for them.

I now have the massive privilege of being able to visiting wounded soldiers.  I normally spend a couple of hours every Tuesday afternoon doing this.  I am free to wander around and speak to anyone I meet.  I could mention just one of the soldiers I found called Simon.  Simon was caught in an explosion in Afghanistan and has lost the use of both legs and his left arm and is also unable to speak due to a severe brain injury.  Unfortunately he will not get much better.  However, Simon is a Christian and I would meet with him every Tuesday to read the Bible and pray with him.   I was amazed at the presence of God during these meetings and blessed by the words He put into my mouth for Simon.  Interestingly the nurses would notice a change in Simonís mood after we had been to visit and commented on that several times.  He is paralysed and without speech but is witnessing to those around him powerfully.  How are we doing with all we have to witness for God?  Simon has now moved on to live at home with his wife Donna and son Ben. 

There is so much to share about the amazing opportunity of SASRA to reach young men and women.  The main thing I always notice is that by far most young soldiers want to hear about Jesus and that really thrills me.

Prayer Points

Please pray that all these doors will remain open to us and that we would be wise in how we use the opportunities given.

Pray for Simon and all those recovering from injury the Lord would bless them and help them in the midst of their trauma.

Pray for divine appointments with many soldiers whose hearts are open and ready to meet with the given words of God.

Pray for us as an organisation sharing the Words of God in these dark days in our land.



Do you not say, 'There are yet four months, then comes the harvest'? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest. (John 4:35)