Prayer Scripts
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Prayer Disc Script 
August 2011

 ASR William Wade


This is Scripture Reader William Wade recording the SASRA Prayer Disc for August 2011.

It was former ASR Sinclair Quinn who said that when a Scripture Reader begins work in a new camp, he or she should work quietly for around 6 months, going around the rooms in the evening, the workplaces during the day and getting to know the camp and the camp personalities, before starting anything new, such as a Bible Study or planning an outreach.

I have taken that advice on board in coming to work in the Gutersloh Garrison, beginning in April of last year, 2010. Actually, from April until December, I busied myself in doing what ASR Quinn suggested, and built up a routine of barrack block visitation, workplace visitation, school assembly work and settling into the Garrison churches. I did this on all three areas I cover, namely Gutersloh which is Mansergh Barracks working with the Royal Artillery, in Bielefeld which is two camps Catterick Barracks and Rochdale Barracks, working largely with the RLC (Royal Logistics Corps) but also with the REME and Herford – where there are 3 camps, although I have the priority of one camp and that is 1, Hammersmith Barracks – which is mostly Royal Signals. I had been planning a large outreach on Mansergh Barracks in March this year, however, God began to do what He has been doing since the beginning of this year 2011, and that has been opening doors of effective ministry. Here is a run-down of what God has been opening up since January of this year...

In January I was asked to address a cadre course of young NCO’s from the Royal Artillery in the Haltern Training Area, just north of Gutersloh. I challenged them on following Jesus in order to not only have their lives redeemed, but that following Jesus would also make them better leaders too. It opened up a whole afternoon (and many conversations since) of the message of salvation.

In February I was asked to lead a ‘Battery Service’, again with the Royal Artillery of 26 Regt. RA. Almost 100 soldiers filed into the church and I spoke on ‘Being Interrupted by Jesus’, looking at the conversion of Saul of Tarsus. It was possibly the most powerful military service I have ever been involved in. They listened so very intently and again, it has developed into further conversations regarding the message of salvation.

In March, we had the Tough Talk team from England come across to Gutersloh. Three powerlifters came and lifted an incredible amount of weights, while taking their stories and talking of salvation to the soldiers who were present. We held two meetings in one day with them. At Mansergh Barracks, we had around 120 soldiers hear their presentation, and at Princess Royal Barracks in the evening, around 70-80 were present. Many books were given out, and I know their visit will have continuing repercussions for the sake of the Gospel.

In April, one of the Padres at the camp church in Catterick Barracks, Bielefeld asked me if I could come up with ‘something special’ for a baptism service of 3 children, where the church would be full, and mostly of family members who would not normally go to any church. I asked ASR Lee McDade to share his testimony that morning, and I finished the initial part of the service by doing a boxing demonstration to explain the difference between Justice and Mercy, suggesting that depending on whether we commit our lives to Jesus or not in this world will depend on how we meet God on the day of Judgement – as a God of Justice, or as a God of Mercy. The morning went very well, and at least one soldier recommitted his life to Jesus as a result.

May was a big month in the sense that I was asked to go and lead a military church weekend retreat in Cyprus, which I did and had a great time with the Christian community out there. When I came back, we were able to bring some soldiers up to Paderborn to hear the testimonies of Tony Anthony and Jamie Kidd. Of the soldiers I brought, 2 responded by recommitting their lives to Jesus on the night of the outreach, and many others from the Paderborn and Gutersloh Garrison responded as well. Tony was able to come to Princess Royal Barracks the next day (which was unplanned) and did another great presentation of his testimony and of the Gospel, with around 30 soldiers present.

June was when ASR Lee McDade and I organised an evening session of the Sunday morning outreach at Bielefeld. It was held once again in the church on the 21st June. Although all of those soldiers who promised to attend didn’t exactly follow up on those promises, we did have around 20 present, and felt that God was certainly at work, especially in the non-Christians who were there. We came away encouraged, believing that God had given us a message which works well in how we both present it, under the title – given by our local Sixth Sense news reporter of ‘Justice and Mercy’.

In July, Lee and I will do this presentation 3 times at Princess Royal Barracks at the request of a Padre, to 3 Squadrons of his Regiment, which we are so looking forward to. I will also spend some time at the Keswick Convention for SASRA at the end of July, which I’m also very much looking forward to.

August will see us as a family having some leave, and then back into the swing of the work, with another potential evening of ‘Justice and Mercy’ at Herford, hoping that God will bless that event as well as the 3 opportunities on Princess Royal Barracks.

If I could ask for prayer, it would be specifically for these ‘Justice and Mercy’ events, and that God would save soldiers as a result of those. Also that God would continue to protect us as a family as these opportunities are taken, and that God would continue to provide more opportunities as the months roll on. Thank you so much for your support, it is genuinely priceless and will be without doubt rewarded by God.